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Business Strategy Planning

We are here to help your business create the right strategy for success. It will focus on finding the right direction of your organization and set goals of the company and employees. The consultants of Austerity Measures can guide you with a clear strategic approach, supporting client- management with visions and concepts, executing analysis and stimulating discussions.

Business Marketing Issues

Marketing is the key for business success. It is where the clients are informed about the products or services that they can avail and the place that is convenient to them for a price they are willing to pay.  We can help you convert the best marketing ideas into strategies, and strategies into action.

Business Organization Consulting

Any company consists of different department that work together as a whole team. Each department contributes to the success of the company’s global market. The consultants of Austerity Measures can analyze the company methods and develop solutions to run them more proficiently and effectively.

Business Financial Consulting

Financial analysis is the basis and the yardstick for measuring the business success or failure. Austerity Measures can offer’s analysis, evaluating investment plans, acquisition discussions and   optimizing the capital structure.

Meet James Downing

James Downing holds the doctorate degree in the International economics and finance and an honorary degree in legal affairs by the University of Finland. He has a diversified experience in both the private and public companies for over 35 years. Besides working in the Economic and Legal affairs, he holds various training, workshops, and seminars on different topics across the world. He has received many awards and certificates in recognition for his services in the financial and economic sector.

November 27, 2018 12:01 pm

The Leading Natural Remedy to Chronic Stress

Have you heard about adaptogen supplements?

If you have been surfing the internet for natural chronic stress solution, you probably encountered the word ‘adaptogen herbs.’

Adaptogen herbs are a group of traditional medicinal plants with powerful medicinal properties in treating stress, anxiety, and depression. This group of herbs contains strong antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial, antidepressants and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes hormonal balance, reduces inflammation, regulates blood pressure and controls sugar levels. Thus, adaptogen herbs have the power to lower the level of stress hormones in your body.

There are several kinds of adaptogenic herbs. The most popular and potent adaptogens include Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Rhodiola Rosea, Berry, Schizandra, Siberian Ginseng, and Turmeric. You can grow these herbs in your garden. In fact, you can also find these herbs in the market. However, you still have to boil or brew it into a tea to take in the nutrients. It is inconvenient especially for individuals who are always struggling with their schedule. The good news is there are adaptogen supplements that contain the power of these herbs in one capsule.

There are several brands of adaptogen supplements in the market these days. But among these options, one of the most trusted names in this industry is Adaptotrax by Vitamonk.

Vitamonk is a well-established manufacturer of food supplements. For years, Vitamonk has been formulating safe and effective food supplements. Their goal is to promote wellness and help people achieve a better quality of life.

The natural solution of Vitamonk to chronic stress is Adaptotrax. This food supplement is consisting of potent stress relieving herbs like ashwagandha and Rhodiola. This supplement is proven effective in lowering stress hormones and promotes hormonal balance.

Individuals who use Adaptotrax showed profound development in mental skills. The herbs which make up the supplement enhance brain power and cognitive function. Adaptotrax is a natural nootropic that promotes higher brain functions. It also stimulates neuron synapse activity for better concentration and memory.

Adaptotrax is an excellent solution for improving physical performance. This dietary supplement boosts energy levels, stamina, and strength. It also supports muscle development and growth. If you are wanted to grow muscles and gain endurance, this supplement is your best shot.

As an adaptogen supplement, Adaptotrax is well-known for fighting anxiety and fatigue. It is your natural support for medical conditions linked to chronic stress. The herbs included in this supplement are well-known ancient Ayurveda medicine which offers a wide range of health benefits.

However, be warned about the taste of Adaptotrax. The supplement tastes strange which may not fit with your taste buds. Nonetheless, this food supplement is the leading adaptogen source you can find in the market.

Adaptotrax is available in various online markets. However, make sure to read a good adaptotrax review from reliable sources like Adaptogen supplement. Reading product reviews will help you identify the specifics functions, ingredients, and safety of the product. Thus, make sure to read first the product description of the item before purchasing.

The Adaptogen Supplement has the information you need about the leading adaptogen supplements in the market. Check it out here today!

January 4, 2018 2:59 pm

Helpful Tips In Keeping Your Online Business Secured

how to maintain online business

Just like physical stores, online businesses also need to be guarded and secured in the virtual world. If physical stores are threatened by the possibility getting robbed and what not, the online world also faces problems of cyber theft among many other online dangers such as hacking, phishing, etc.

In order for a business to succeed, it also needs to be safe from whatever threats it faces. It requires a security method as durable as Tyvek. Online business owners ought to protect their online platforms so as to ensure its success. Otherwise, the business might fall under the hands of online scammers, phishers, and hackers.

Many online business platforms take in several information from online customers. Needless to say, these information need to be protected. Online business owners also need to protect themselves from hackers who might just be determined to ruin the brand. That said, we would like to present several tips in keeping your online business safe and sound.

Be Encrypted

For online business platforms that encode personal information from customers, you have to make sure everything is encrypted.  Encryption is the key to securing internal information such as the business’ financial accounts, customer data, personnel information, etc. Fortunately, online businesses dealing with the use of credit cards are required to meet safety measures such as data encryption so as to protect the customers.

Install a Firewall

A firewall essentially protects the user’s computer, in general, from malicious software. Firewalls can determine when a significant amount of data are being gathered from your network and when it is unauthorized, the installed firewall will automatically prevent it from continuing. That said, a firewall is useful especially for the online business’ payment terminal. This helps secure personal information including credit card and other financial information.

how to secure online business


Connect to a Virtual Private Network

If you wish to be safe online, you can never go wrong with using a virtual private network, also termed as VPN. These virtual private networks bring in a lot of benefits such as securing your internet provider address, improving internet speed. In a way, it functions like a firewall. This is also perfect for those users living in places where geo-restrictions are common. For instance, VPN in Taiwan is now sought after as some users face problems with regards to online security as well as restricted music, videos, games, and the like.

Limit Access to Sensitive Information

It might be wiser to require more than just a username and password to gain access. Additional security measures such as setting up a second password or a specific code that changes regularly would increase online security for the business.

Change usernames and passwords

It is also a basic protocol for every online business owner or manager to change the default account names and passwords as these can easily be targeted by hackers. Moreover, changing these information every once in a while, once a month or so,  is essential to keep hackers away. Otherwise, it would be much easier for them to access your site or platform and this could be detrimental.

February 15, 2017 8:22 am

All About Tyvek: The Innovative Uses of This Material

different uses of tyvek

Although the word “tyvek” may not ring a bell in your head; chances are, you have already encountered this material, in one form or another, a couple of times in your life. Yes, you may have seen or held tyvek without even realizing it. Those hospital wristbands, waterproof envelopes and even those unique quilts–are made of tyvek. So then, what is tyvek?

Getting to Know Tyvek

Tyvek is actually a synthetic material. A brand of polyethylene fibers under DuPont, a chemical company. Tyvek is actually considered as one of those wonder materials which serve so many purposes. This white material acts like a paper; however, it is resistant to water. Furthermore, tyvek is almost tear-proof as well.

Because of its durability and other features, tyvek has been used by many industries. Let us look at some of the innovative uses tyvek has served over the past years.

Uses of Tyvek

  • Clothes

Over the past years, the use of tyvek in the fashion industry has actually stepped up. Not only are tyvek materials used as shirts, hoodies or pants, tyvek has also been used for wedding gowns.

One of the most innovative uses of tyvek material was by Interior Design students of London’s Royal College of Art. Inspired by Syrian refugees, students created a wearable shelter. This highly water resistant material could be worn as a coat but when laid out, it serves as a sleeping bag.

Another wonderful project using tyvek was the recycling of medical packaging waste. Commissioned by a sterilization packaging manufacturer, Beacon Converters Inc., a wedding company named Bella’s The Bride created gowns from re-purposed Tyvek. Because tyvek is recyclable, sterilizable and flexible, it became the perfect material for the latest Recyclable Runway Collection.

  • Aircraft

A Tyvek aircraft was actually used to compete in Boston’s Red Bull Flugtag Competition. Tyvek material was used for the aircraft’s wings and tail. The creators highlighted that it was easy to manipulate the material. The strength, durability and lightweight features of tyvek made it even more perfect of a material choice for the project.

tyvek toys

  • Toys

From kites to stuffed animals, tyvek has been used to create toys for children. What’s even more amazing is the fact that these toys can be colored using the color pencils it comes along with. Of course, this is not surprising since it has been highlighted that tyvek materials do act as paper.  

  • Medical Tools

Perhaps the most widely-known purpose of tyvek is its use in the medical industry. Tyvek has been used for sterilized packaging in hospitals as it is durable and tear-proof. Aside from this, it’s water-resistant properties also ensure that bacteria do not breed on the medical tools.

Other Uses

Tyvek has also been used for stop-motion films, specifically in “Kubo and the Two Strings”. This material has also been used for quilts and sewing. Additionally, tyvek has served artistic purposes as it has been used in creating lanterns as well.

February 9, 2017 4:19 pm

Articles 2017

On Planning a Wedding: The Top Do’s and Dont’s

November 28, 2016 10:45 am

How to Find the Best Design Agency for your Business

good website developmentNowadays, almost everything is a click away. The importance of the World Wide Web has become so increasing that without it, everyday life seems to be crippling. It is as if no individual, company or business will survive long without it.

Starting or keeping a business is never easy and considering today’s modern technology, a major challenge in the business industry is having a website that actually serves what it is supposed to do–that is, to attract consumers and clients in order to earn more leads and sales. However, not all websites are designed to engage well with their audiences.

Some websites are so poorly made that visitors won’t even dare clicking the buttons in fear that it will redirect to some nonsense advertisements or a bunch of random pop-ups. Some websites have such low quality designs that users automatically click the “back” button even before the website completely finishes loading. This is why most businesses go for legitimate web designs.

As business owners, investment is everything. A monetary investment to start the business is just one thing; an investment in maintaining and improving the business is another. Perhaps, the greatest modern day investment in businesses is hiring a great web designer.

best way to have an SEO friendly website

Website designers possess various sets of skills essential in producing and maintaining websites. Their main goal is to actually help their clients get a return on whatever they have invested. This is done by making sure that website users become truly engaged and in turn, these users will help the business owners have more sales.

Surely, we only want what is best for our businesses and we want to make sure that in the end, we do not find ourselves losing money but, instead, earning more. And so, the first step to ensure that is by hiring a web designer that comes from a reputable design agency. More importantly, web design agencies that have more than 10 years of experience with search engine optimization and internet marketing, like that of Tulsa Web Design, may be what your business needs.

Spotting a great website design agency means looking for one that is very well experienced in the field of internet marketing as well as in optimizing search engines. Surely, you will find web designers who have the right set of skills but you also have to make sure that these web designers can and will get your business’ website ranking high in the search engines and engaging users for more sales and leads.

The reputation of the web design agency will matter a lot. The amount of years they have been providing services will tell you what their capabilities are. Aside from this, their skills and offered services should also cover a wide variety and should not just be limited to web design. You will know that a web design agency will ensure your return on investment if they ensure not just web design creations but also website management and maintenance as well as internet commerce and marketing.

October 16, 2016 11:54 am

A Quick Guide to Influencer Marketing

Marketers and brands are fast embracing the fact that real power lies in consumer’s hands and that their voice is more important than what a brand has to say about itself. Most people want to buy services and products from trusted brands, and only after receiving positive recommendations from their family and friends. This is where influencer marketing comes into the fray.

Influencers are highly active on blogs and social media, participating as niche promoters and acting as brand advocates. However, there is no silver bullet for identifying them and working them into your marketing strategies but there are a few guidelines that one can follow that should make you more likely to succeed, some of which we look at below as follows:

What constitutes an influencer for your brands?

An influencer can be defined as an inspirational person in the eyes of your target clients. They connect with your target consumers in a more powerful way and are the driving force that spreads your brand message. Their experience and opinion carries an element of trust and authentic weight that is not always evident coming from the brand on its own. Influencer marketing thus provides a brand with a scalable way of reaching new people on social media platforms and quickly converting them into a client.

Such socially savvy people provide value to a brand because they inspire trends, create consistently engaging content, and know how to grow a loyal following. In fact, social influencers have such a high level of respect and credibility that their opinions influence others to take action. A strong reach, contextual fit, and an influencer’s ability to stir action from their audience- this is exactly what brands need to increase sales and grow their business. \

Provide your influencer with an image

Providing your influencer with a persona and image is vital to choosing the right person for your campaigns. Detailing exactly what you are looking for and then matching those traits to your prospects should give you a much better chance of building long-lasting relationships that will help you achieve your goals.

Some elements that you may want to consider are the type of reach, topics, niche, genre, and personality. Therefore, take time to work through and document the process in order to make sure that the end goals are achieved. If the person you are after has a personality that already fits your brand’s voice or they are already talking about the topics that you are trying to market, then the relationship should effortlessly come together and in turn, the message will be viewed as honest and authentic.

Where to find the ideal influencer

Identifying the ideal influencer is not an easy task as it requires putting in the appropriate time to do outreach and research. And one of the first steps in this process should be to participate in already on-going conversations. Tune in to your blog posts and social media mentions and you will be pleasantly surprised to find advocates and influencers that you did not realize you had. Some of the ways that you could do this include:

  • Setting up Google alerts for keywords associated with your brand so that you can identify people who actively write about topics in your realm.
  • Monitor hashtags on Twitter such as #influencemktg and # bloggeroutreach and make lists that organize your potential influencers on this platform.
  • Search social media mentions about your brand on various platforms to establish who are already believers and fans.
  • Conduct a blogger outreach in order to identify strong influencers- do not forget to check out their social media information and SEO stats to ascertain that they have the appropriate reach.

Epic Content Creation 

Having done the hard work of finding and vetting potential influencers, you need to come up with a plan for creating and sharing content so that your efforts are not in vain. It takes specific instruction and careful planning to not only share information from your influencers, but to ignite their excitement as well. Therefore, generate as much content as you can from satisfied clients and their love for your brand will inevitably spread to the masses. Another reason why it’s important to learn how to find guest posts. Also, do not be afraid to ask clients to upload videos and photos of themselves using your products.

Still need more information, check out this great Gary V. video below:


October 12, 2016 2:48 am

US Small Businesses Choose Trump For President

With a month till the election, an important segment of the US is on the block for Trump. A nationwide poll conducted from Sept. 26 to 28 showed that small business owners are veering towards Trump. It was conducted by Manta, a social network for small business. With a sample of 834 owners of small businesses, the poll was done to coincide with the first Presidential debate which was held on Sept. 26. The survey showed that according to small business owners, the debate was won by the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Small businesses are a significant part of the US economy. There are more than 28 million small business owners in the country. According to the Small Business Administration, they account for 54 percent of all U.S. sales and have provided 55 percent of all jobs for more than 40 years. This is a significant sector of the US economy.

According to one small business attorney in San Francisco:

“The survey showed that the respondents deemed Trump winning the debate with 58.7%. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had the support of the remaining 41.3% of those polled. Other details of the survey showed that 53.7 percent of the women business owners had Clinton winning largely due to her stand on issues which impact on small businesses.”

Explaining the importance of the survey results, the Manta CEO John Swanciger said, “small business owners are highly invested in this election— and for good reason. This year alone, we’ve seen updates to the minimum wage, overtime regulations, and continuing healthcare policy changes.”

He further said that “with such important issues on the line, we’ll likely see more small business owners tuning into the debates and showing up to polls come Nov. 8.”

As a social media website for small businesses, Manta publishes content which can help an entrepreneur to get ahead of the competition. Another key area where Manta helps its users is in creating an online brand, as well as creating a social media presence. It also publishes research and conducts webinars for its members.

Although the results are heavily in favor of Trump, it also shows that there is a dichotomy of voting along gender lines. This is to be expected where both candidates have created an image very distinct from the other. It is also worth noting that the survey did not show the percentage of women who responded.

The results only showed the reaction immediately after the first debate. Events after the debate did not reflect on the results of the polls. The second Presidential debate will be on Sunday, October 9. It is expected to show more of the personalities involved during this year’s election.

Small business has unique concerns which the candidates have to address. These include healthcare costs, overtime pay, and minimum wage. Small businesses are more directly affected by the regulations regarding these issues, as they usually do not have a large cash flow. In addition, most employees of small businesses are paid closer to the minimum wage, compared to employees of large companies and multinationals. Small businesses also usually do not have any union employees. As an economic indicator, small businesses usually are the first to fail before large companies layoff personnel.

October 8, 2016 2:04 pm

What are Austerity measures?

At the time of crisis, the only option available for the business whether public or private is to limit its expenses. Austerity measures in an economy are official steps by the government to support the financial and economic position of a country. It is done by curtailing the spending or/and increasing the tax rate.

After the 2008 global financial crisis, many economies have still not been able to survive the shocks and aftermath. The continuous rise in budget deficits and a greater decline in tax revenue, as well as investments, increased the pressure on the government. Printing money (Inflation) is not a suitable option for countries especially in the Eurozone. Thus, they have taken austerity measures to sustain in the market.

The eventual goal of taking an austerity measure is survival during the recession period. The plan involves increasing the tax rate to generate tax revenue, curtailing the public spending and privatization if possible.

Tax Rate on commercial, property and luxury items can be raised however on other items the government has to levy a lower tax to avoid any retaliation from the opponents as well as the public.

Public Spending cut involves termination of temporary contracts, reduction in defense, education, health budgets and subsidies, freezing the job hiring process and wage and benefits cut.

Privatization involves selling shares of ownership of government businesses in the market in order to earn revenue. There are both pros and cons to privatization, but during the economic crisis, governments do take decisions against the will of people.

A team of economists and finance expert sits down with the government to plan the best model combining all the three options of austerity measures. Several proposals from different stakeholders are taken into consideration while deciding upon the optimal combination. A series of discussions and heated debates are carried out to finalize a single proposal which is forwarded to the head of government for approval.

Austerity measures can be contentious at both the political and economic level. Inequitable distribution of resources and spending cuts on health and wages can affect the low-income class and bring them on streets against the government. Moreover, austerity also poses a threat to the foreign investors and businessmen, warning them to secure their assets before the government falls out.

Thus, the decision of austerity measure is vulnerable to criticism and protests, but when survival is at stake, the government is left with no option but to think strategically and devise a measure which can provide a cushion on an immediate basis and give time for long term planning of overcoming deficits of a nation.

October 8, 2016 2:03 pm

Aftermath of the Greek Financial Crisis


In some nondescript street in the middle of Athens, two siblings are hard at work. For the past 12 months, they have run their hairdressing enterprise- a business that was once located in a prime location in the city. Their move to the newer, smaller location was purely financial: In the summer of 2015 as it became clear that Greeks faced more austerity measures to foot the bill in order to save their country from economic ruin, they realized that their business was likely to go bust if they continued operating legally.

The siblings did their math and understood that staying put in their fancier location made no sense at all. If they avoided tax, social security contributions, and failed to provide customers with receipts, they would just about make ends meet. And they are far from being the only ones.

Aftermath of the Greek Financial Crisis

  1. Survivalist techniques

A year on after debt-stricken Greece received €86bn- its third financial rescue from international funding- the foregoing survival techniques have become even more common. For a middle class that has been eviscerated by endless rounds of tax rises and cuts (the price that Greeks have to pay to avert bankruptcy), the draconian conditions which are attached to the latest bailout are cited by Greeks who are now reneging on energy bills, property taxes, and loan repayments. Measures ranging from indirect duties- slapped on fuel, beer, and almost everything you can imagine, the overhaul of the pension system, and a controversial increase in VAT are invariably invoked in their defense.

  1. Migration

Also, since the crisis began, close to half a million Greeks have migrated, largely in part to the searing effects of unemployment (currently at 24% and the highest across Europe) and coupled with an economy that has shed close to a third of its total output since 2010. Greek has been assigned over €320bn in bailout loans since 2010- undoubtedly, the largest rescue program in financial history- yet the fear remains that it is locked in an economic death spiral as evidenced by falling exports and consumption of 7.2% and 6.4% respectively in the 2nd quarter of 2016. The depth and duration of this recession is such that the World Bank now equates it to the slump experienced by eastern European countries in the early 1990s.

  1. Rise of anti-EU sentiment


In October 2015, shortly after the 3rd bailout two months earlier (August 14), 70% of Greeks thought it better for the country to remain in the EU. Fast forward to July 2016 and those backing to remain in the single currency had dropped to 50%. Real recovery can only be achieved if the country’s staggering debt is reduced. Without debt relief, global financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – which was not involved in the latest rescue- believes that interest payments on the growing pile should account for over 60% of the budget by 2060. In fact, in a candid assessment of its own role in the crisis, the IMF’s internal watchdog recently admitted to numerous mistakes, including the failure to foretell the recessionary impact of austerity measures on an economy curtailed by vested interests and corruption.