On Planning a Wedding: The Top Do’s and Dont’s

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Being one of the most special events that may ever occur in our lives, it is natural for us to really aim for a perfect wedding. But is there really such a thing? Unfortunately, most weddings do not turn out exactly the way we want them to be; sometimes they turn out to be better; however, other times, they might turn out to be worse than the original plan.

There are many factors that could serve as the reasons as to why wedding fails happen. Sometimes, it’s lack of cooperation from nature or in other cases, lack of planning may have happened as well. However, there are a number of ways to reduce the odds of having a bad wedding altogether and we will introduce these tips to you through a list of Do’s and Dont’s.

Wedding Do’s

  • Do keep track of your budget.

When you are at your own wedding, you want to shedding happy tears; you definitely would not want to be crying over losing so much from your bank account because of impulsive wedding expenses. Remember, the most important part of the wedding is for the bride, groom and guests to genuinely enjoy the matrimony and so, serving the most expensive main courses and the priciest champagnes in the most exotic part of the world would not really be necessary.

  • Do ask for help.

This tip is usually applicable for brides, do ask for help as you are not wonderwoman. If you have not hired a wedding planner, you will definitely need from help from your family members, perhaps your mother or mother-in law or sister-in law. It would be best for you to ask help from someone who has been through wedding planning before.

  • Do take care of your fiance along the way.

In many situations, bride-to-be’s tend to forget about their grooms as they become so busy choosing the fabric color, type of flower, food, etc. Remember to take care of your fiance even when he’s not really getting involved with all the planning.

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Wedding Dont’s

  • Do not book at the last minute.

Whether it’s the venue or the photographer, do not do the reservations at the last minute. If your wedding is a year away, 8 months before the wedding, you should already find a wedding videographer or photographer. As early as 6 months or even a year before your wedding date, reception venues or the ceremony locations should already be booked under your name. Booking at the last minute will only result to you settling with second or third options because the first has already been reserved by somebody else.

  • Do not choose complicated locations.

Honestly, no one would want to travel by plane just to attend a wedding unless the couple takes care of all the expenses. In other words, try your best to hold a wedding that is easily accessible by family and friends. As much as possible, the church or the location of the ceremony should not be scheduled or located too far from the reception venue.

  • Do not be pressured by other weddings.

Your wedding is your own wedding; you are there to be wedded and not to out-shine other weddings. Focus on making your wedding beautiful in itself. Do not compare anything about your wedding with others’ since every wedding is beautiful and unique in their own way.

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