All About Tyvek: The Innovative Uses of This Material

different uses of tyvek

Although the word “tyvek” may not ring a bell in your head; chances are, you have already encountered this material, in one form or another, a couple of times in your life. Yes, you may have seen or held tyvek without even realizing it. Those hospital wristbands, waterproof envelopes and even those unique quilts–are made of tyvek. So then, what is tyvek?

Getting to Know Tyvek

Tyvek is actually a synthetic material. A brand of polyethylene fibers under DuPont, a chemical company. Tyvek is actually considered as one of those wonder materials which serve so many purposes. This white material acts like a paper; however, it is resistant to water. Furthermore, tyvek is almost tear-proof as well.

Because of its durability and other features, tyvek has been used by many industries. Let us look at some of the innovative uses tyvek has served over the past years.

Uses of Tyvek

  • Clothes

Over the past years, the use of tyvek in the fashion industry has actually stepped up. Not only are tyvek materials used as shirts, hoodies or pants, tyvek has also been used for wedding gowns.

One of the most innovative uses of tyvek material was by Interior Design students of London’s Royal College of Art. Inspired by Syrian refugees, students created a wearable shelter. This highly water resistant material could be worn as a coat but when laid out, it serves as a sleeping bag.

Another wonderful project using tyvek was the recycling of medical packaging waste. Commissioned by a sterilization packaging manufacturer, Beacon Converters Inc., a wedding company named Bella’s The Bride created gowns from re-purposed Tyvek. Because tyvek is recyclable, sterilizable and flexible, it became the perfect material for the latest Recyclable Runway Collection.

  • Aircraft

A Tyvek aircraft was actually used to compete in Boston’s Red Bull Flugtag Competition. Tyvek material was used for the aircraft’s wings and tail. The creators highlighted that it was easy to manipulate the material. The strength, durability and lightweight features of tyvek made it even more perfect of a material choice for the project.

tyvek toys

  • Toys

From kites to stuffed animals, tyvek has been used to create toys for children. What’s even more amazing is the fact that these toys can be colored using the color pencils it comes along with. Of course, this is not surprising since it has been highlighted that tyvek materials do act as paper.  

  • Medical Tools

Perhaps the most widely-known purpose of tyvek is its use in the medical industry. Tyvek has been used for sterilized packaging in hospitals as it is durable and tear-proof. Aside from this, it’s water-resistant properties also ensure that bacteria do not breed on the medical tools.

Other Uses

Tyvek has also been used for stop-motion films, specifically in “Kubo and the Two Strings”. This material has also been used for quilts and sewing. Additionally, tyvek has served artistic purposes as it has been used in creating lanterns as well.